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What Is Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a common sleep disorder. Many people have it and don’t realise.

Sleep apnea is a serious, potentially life-threatening condition that is far more common than people may think. 

OSA causes interruptions to breathing while you’re asleep. The interruptions, which can last for up to ten seconds or more, occur when the airway narrows so much that it closes and breathing stops. The brain reacts by briefly waking the person, causing the airways to reopen and the breathing to restart. 

The person may not be aware of this and the processes can be repeated up to several hundred times during the night. 

Stimulants (like coffee) taken to counter the effects of tiredness are not a substitute for sleep. The regular use of stimulants by individuals may be a clue to the existence of an underlying sleep disorder.

Identifying The Problem

At Fit for Duty, we provide an effective process to identify risk, screen for incidences os OSA, and then provide an effective treatment and monitoring program.

Since OSA leads to broken sleep throughout the night, it can cause excessive sleepiness during the day. OSA not only disrupts sleep, but it can have a profound impact on all aspects of health and wellbeing. 

Untreated sleep disorders, including OSA, commonly result in individuals being excessively sleepy during the day. The elevated sleepiness poses a significant risk to their personal safety, their employer’s health and safety exposure, and others in their community. 

At Fit for Duty, we undertake sleeping tests to see if you potentially have an underlying sleeping disorder. If you’ve noticed interrupted sleep and general tiredness throughout the day, get in touch with us to find out more.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

We Provide a Range of Sleep Apnea Treatment Options to Help You

If you need someone who can help you with a range of sleep apnea treatment options, look no further. We could potentially help you get back your much-needed hours of sleep every night.

Choose Fit for Duty and let us help you get the rest that you deserve every night.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Sleep Services

It is vital that you find the right team to help you identify potential cases of sleep apnea in your workforce. We have years of experience working with companies like yours; and so with a unique focus on Occupational Health, Fit for Duty is well positioned to lead you through this process.

Here is why we believe we are the right choice and a step above our competitors:

  • No one else does what we do. We are the only team who can help you with workforce-specific sleep apnea testing to ensure your teams stay alert and safe on the job.

  • We offer an unbeatable price with our new CPAP machines to help you maintain your sleep schedule. Our treatment options can increase the amount of effective rest you get at night, and with that, it can increase your safety at work.

  • We offer a way to help you improve your employees’ quality of life, which is even more applicable if these workers are drivers, shift workers, or other people in safety-critical roles.

  • We can provide you with ways to potentially increase the wellbeing and quality of life of yourself or your workforce. We offer excellent prices on our new CPAP machines. We are also part of a Multi Speciality Team, which means if CPAP isn't tolerated, we can refer to our network of Sleep Professionals for alternative treatment options.

Commonly Asked Questions from Our Clients Who Needed Sleep Apnea Treatment

Here are a few commonly asked questions from our clients over the years:

Could I not just buy a used CPAP machine?

 While this is undoubtedly an option, it is far from ideal. Considering CPAP machines are warm and moist when operational, they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Buying a used machine – which was probably not appropriately cleaned – may lead to infection risks.

Do you offer finance options for CPAP machines?

We do indeed! We have a range of finance options including Q-Card for 12 months interest free, Debit Success for month rental or rent to buy options and AfterPay for easy fortnightly repayments.

Is sleep apnea a severe problem?

 It is. The National Sleep Foundation (USA) reports that sleep deprivation now constitutes the number one killer in the Western world. Additionally, research estimates that almost one-third of the population will suffer from a sleep disorder during their lifetime and that another third is already dangerously sleep-deprived. 

About Us and Our Services for Sleep Apnea Treatment Options Without CPAP or with CPAP

Fit for Duty is a service that has been available since 2014, to help anyone understand sleep apnea, and receive a diagnosis. Our aim will always be to improve the quality of life of those who come for treatment. We understand the dangers associated with sleep deprivation and want to provide our clients with a way potentially to retain proper rest every night.

Whether you need a CPAP machine or a team that can help diagnose your workforce of people in safety-critical roles, we provide a possible solution.

Call us today and let us help you remain well-rested every day of the week.

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