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UVEX Blue Light Blocking Glasses


A bestseller since a segment aired on Nine News :-) The concentrated blue light from fluorescent and LED lights hurts your sleep! We've spent months looking for the right solution. Well now we've found the perfect product to eliminate the sleep performance drain from the fluorescent lighting in your house and from staying up late in front of your LED monitor/laptop/ipad.

UVEX have produced a set of eyewear designed for use by dental or medical practitioners while working under strong UV lamps. These are orange lensed glasses, but there is more to them than just the orange colour. These glasses use UVEX's patented "Spectrum Control Technology" to filter out specific colours of the light spectrum. From UVEX's technical literature:
This technology incorporates unique dyes, designed to absorb select wavelengths of radiant energy into the lens.These dyes manipulate light to reduce a spectral hazard or to provide distinctive filtration for specific viewing tasks.
We're not going to dance around it, these are some pretty stunning looking glasses ;-) but all you need to do is wear them in the comfort (and privacy!) of your own home in the hour or two before bed to get the benefits! (we also sell an office friendly pair of blue blocker glasses that reduce glare from computer screens and alleviate eye strain.).

Note regarding other brands of blue blocker glasses: There are blue light blocking glasses around with darker tints. Frankly, they are impractical as you won't be able to do much while wearing them apart from sit still or lay in bed. They are suitable only for day-time use as sunglasses.

So what does that mean for us? Well the light that is going to hurt your sleep performance is any blue light with a wavelength below 520nm (however 440-480 is a particularly critical range). This eyewear will selectively block out any light less than 550nm while allowing 80%-90% of all other light through!

And thats not all! Artificial light hurts your sleep by suppressing melatonin (sleep hormone) production in your brain. Recent studies have linked optimum melatonin production to protection against alzheimers and to strong anabolic effects.
So thats about it. Wear these for a couple hours before bed and you will eliminate the impacts of blue light on your sleep.

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