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Overnight home-based test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)


Many people have sleep apnea and don't realise it. Sleep apnea is a serious, potentially life-threatening condition that is far more common than is generally understood. It is a breathing disorder characterised by pauses in breath during sleep and nightly snoring. This restless sleep leaves you feeling 'dog tired' - sleepy and exhausted - during the day.

The effect of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is that a person can stop breathing for periods of time when asleep. These interruptions (apneas), which can last for up to 10 seconds or more, occur when the airway narrows so much that it closes. This stops breathing, and the brain reacts by briefly waking you sending an alarm signal to your system, causing your airways to re-open and breathing to restart. You may not be aware of this awakening, and the process can be repeated up to several hundred times during the night. Proper sleep becomes impossible, resulting in sleepiness and impairment of daytime functions.

The good news is that we can successfully treat OSA, and the process is simple and inexpensive.

We start by providing a simple home-based overnight sleep test and health assessment. Our test measures the level of oxygen in the blood, nasal air flow & and occurrence of obstructed breathing while sleeping. Our testing process will quickly identify, and then provide a specific treatment plan for you if have a moderate to high profile of obstructive sleep apnea, and would meet the criteria for a CPAP treatment trial. Within a week the testing will be completed, the diagnosis determined and you will know your pathway ahead.


Upon review of the sleep data by our Senior Sleep Physiologist we determine what the best pathway for each individual will be.

For some, it will be assessed that there is a low risk for OSA. For others if there is evidence of moderate to high levels of obstructive sleep apnea, in most cases, we start a CPAP trial lasting approximately 1-4 weeks. (Please note, that in some instances further diagnostic sleep assessments may be required).

The CPAP trial will give us the information we need to write a long-term prescription to treat your apnea, and ensure we've got the right equipment that suits you.

You will then be able to receive your own Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle CPAP machine so that you can sleep well each and every night and wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

The whole process start to finish should take only about six weeks; the good news is that even when you're on the CPAP trial for four weeks you will already be getting apnea under control.

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