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OSA Program

Treat Sleep Apnea with Our OSA Program

Our OSA program can identify and treat your sleep apnea with the support of our clinical team and the latest digital technology. There may be several reasons why you may need to undertake our program such as determining if fatigue is a result of an undiagnosed sleep disorder, burn out or you may have a referral from your doctor.

What You Should Know About OSA Sleep

Sleep apnea is when there are pauses in your breathing while you are sleeping.

  • There are several types of sleep apnea: Obstructive Sleep Apnea occurs when the back of your throat relaxes and blocks the airway while you are sleeping. Central Sleep Apnea rarely results in snoring and it is when the muscles that control your breathing fail to receive a signal from the brain. Complex Sleep Apnea is a combination of both types. Our sleep physiologists can help you discover the right treatment option for your condition.

  • Symptoms of sleep apnea: Major signs of sleep apnea include pauses in breathing while you snore and feeling tired or fatigued during the day. Other common signs include morning headaches, memory lapses, feeling depressed, mood swings or a dry throat.

  • Effects of OSA: If left untreated, sleep apnea can do more damage to your health than you simply feeling fatigued. It can decrease your concentration which can result in accidents when operating a motor vehicle, cause high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, depression and more.

What Sets Fit for Duty Apart Regarding OSA Treatment

We provide an easy solution for sleep apnea assessment and treatment that includes:

  • An overnight sleep test: Through our home-based overnight sleep test, we can identify whether you have a moderate to high profile of OSA and if you would benefit from a CPAP trial. This assessment is easy to set up and measures your nasal airflow, the occurrence of obstructed breathing and your oxygen levels.

  • A treatment plan: Our experienced sleep physiologist will review your data and create a personalised treatment plan. Your results may show no indication of OSA, in which case you will be discharged from our program with a routine re-test recommendation. For complex sleep concerns, we encourage further investigation through a sleep clinic. Those who meet our criteria for a CPAP trial can enter our 4-6-week program with the support from our Sleep Physiologist using the latest digital health technology.

  • Ongoing support: For individuals who need long-term OSA CPAP treatment, we provide a compliance and monitoring program with personal advice and support from our clinical team. We ensure that your sleep program meets your needs and reduces fatigue.

About Fit for Duty

We are NZ’s only occupational health sleep service and provide a comprehensive overnight home-based test to identify and treat OSA. Our experienced professionals oversee the Fit for Duty program, which has helped hundreds of people nationwide. We tailor each treatment to the individual, and we use the latest digital technology and quality products for effective therapy.

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At Fit for Duty, we offer screening, assessments, diagnosis, and treatment for sleep apnea.

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