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Online fatigue survey

Based on scientifically validated questions our survey can form an accurate picture of fatigue at individual and organisational level.

The Fatigue Survey has been developed with a leading sleep research scientist.  Reduced and poor quality sleep confined with other lifestyle issues mean fatigue is endemic in the developed worth with no organisation immune to the effect of sleep deprivation.  

The best solution is to take action to understand how your organisation may be affected.  It is easier to build a solution to a problem you understand.

From the survey we will produce individual and group reports that look at a number of factors to determine the propensity for fatigue within the organisation.  We also screen for the risk of three major sleep disorders.  The simple to read and colour coded report gives each individual an overall score and highlights area where improvements can be made. 

We also have the ability to drill down into departmental data to see if there are any areas of the business in particular need of attention.  Where required we will work with you to implement relevant solutions and workplace interventions.

The survey is emailed to each individual for completion.  They are provided a personalised report and the Company is provided a de-identified global report compiling all results.


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