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E-Learning - Fatigue Management

In partnership with Safety Hub, FRMS has developed an e-learning training option which provides a solution for dispersed workforces or when it is not practical to facilitate a face-to-face workshop.

Our course has six core modules and a seventh module has been prepared for Supervisors and Managers to discuss their obligations under the Health & Safety Act.


Module 1:              Introduction 

Learning objectives:

● Define the meaning of shift work; and 

● Understand how shift work affects the body’s biological rhythm.

Module 2:              What is fatigue?

Learning objective:

● Define tiredness, sleepiness and fatigue;

● Identify the main causes of fatigue; 

● Recognise the signs & symptoms of fatigue; and

● Understand whose responsibility it is to manage fatigue.

Module 3:               The importance of sleep

Learning objectives: 

● Understand why we sleep and the consequences of not getting enough good quality sleep;

● Understand why we feel more alert at certain times of the day (circadian rhythm); and

● The importance of achieving 5 complete sleep cycles each night.

Module 4:                 Managing your shift

Learning objective:

● Understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet

● Understand what foods to eat at what time of the day

● The perfect length of a power nap

● How to tell if you’re dehydrated

● Understand the effects of caffeine and alcohol on sleep

Module 5:                   Journey Management

Learning objectives:

 ● Plan your trips to work and home more safely; and

● Understand what a micro-sleep is and how dangerous they can be.

Module 6:                   Family matters

Learning objectives:

● Understand the importance of making this a family decision

Module 7:                    Health & Safety Legal Obligations 

Learning objectives: 

● Understand the PCBU obligations in relation to managing the risk of fatigue; and

● Gain insight to the health implications of employees working at night.

Each registered participant has access to the course for 12 months via a unique login, allowing for refresher training as required. They will also have direct access to our sleep & fatigue management consultant should they have any questions or concerns they would like to discuss. 

We can develop custom content for your business if you have your own LMS training platform. 

We also offer a 'lifetime licence' for those companies who wish to have unlimited access, speak to us for more details and pricing. 


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