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CPAP Parts

We Ensure Your Machine Always Works with Excellent CPAP Parts

If you are looking for high-quality CPAP parts, we can provide you with everything you need. Our teams understand the minutiae of CPAP machines to ensure that they always recommend the perfect components. Choose Fit for Duty and give yourself a chance to experience a good night’s rest.

Benefits of Using Our Services When You Need CPAP Accessories

Here is a list of benefits you will always experience when using our products:

  • We provide all our customers with a price point never seen before in New Zealand when they buy our new CPAP machines and masks. Ask our teams about these so they can help you secure one as soon as possible.

  • We deliver our program via a telehealth model, which means you do not need to make a GP appointment or take time off work to visit a clinic. Our services ensure your schedule remains undisturbed because we understand the importance and value of your hours.

  • We ensure that all our clients have access to a wide range of information sources when it comes to sleep apnea and general sleep deprivation. We have a variety of videos that can help keep you up to date or show you how to use your CPAP machine.

Our services provide more than treatment for sleep apnea. We allow our clients to experience rest the way they deserve to, and a way to educate themselves on the health risks associated with sleep deprivation.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Our Services for a CPAP Battery or Other Parts

If you need CPAP parts such as air filters, water chambers, or other accessories, we want you to get the most out of your purchase. Here are a few tips that will ensure you get the most out of your choice of CPAP treatment:

  • You should only buy parts from trusted sources. When buying CPAP machines or parts, you should never buy from an unreliable source. If the parts or machines have not gone through proper cleaning, they can potentially pose quite a health risk to you when you use them. Pneumonia and Bronchitis are two examples of infections that may occur when using contaminated CPAP machines or parts.

  • Ensure you buy newer machine models. You might think you save money when you purchase an older model machine, but this is not necessarily the case. Aside from the health risks associated with it, you are also potentially buying a machine that requires discontinued parts, or a machine with dangerous electrical or mechanical faults. Not knowing this up front can cost you a lot more than a new device later.

  • You should know that we have finance packages available to help our clients who want a new CPAP machine such as a Fisher & Paykel, ResMed, and BMedical models. We understand that these products do not fit into everyone’s budget, which is why we provide you with payment options, so you can not only fit it into your budget but still get the rest you deserve.

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