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AlertMeter® Daily fitness-for-work in 60-seconds

Thousands of workers show up to work every day fatigued, distressed, ill, intoxicated, or otherwise impaired. AlertMeter® is the only real-time fit-for-work test that accurately identifies these impairments before incidents can happen.

  1. Instantly identify workers struggling to stay alert each day.

  2. Receive real-time notifications when a worker is at risk of impairment.

  3. Meet with worker to successfully manage common causes of impairment such as: fatigue, illness, distress, preoccupation, intoxication, dehydration, and more.

  1. AlertMeter®is non-invasive, unlike wearable devices and random drug testing.

  2. At 60-seconds, AlertMeter® is the fastest impairment test of its kind that can accurately identify struggling workers. A psychomotor vigilance test takes around 10 minutes.

  3. The AlertMeter® is language-independent. Anyone can take it regardless of native language, education level, etc.

  4. It’s a comprehensive measure—can detect workplace impairment due to many more causes than just intoxication and fatigue. 

  • Invented in response to the Exxon Valdez incident

  • Validated by NIOSH clinical testing

  • 70+ million user hours tracked and studied

  • Proven effective and reliable in any industry

  1. Shapes rotate on the screen.

  2. Workers quickly scan and tap on the shape that is different from all the others.

  3. This measures the worker's focus, reaction time, decision making, and more.

  4. Supervisors are notified if a worker’s performance does not align with his/her usual behaviour, indicating possible impairment.



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