Your home-based test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

What do you do once the package arrives from Fit for Duty? What do all these little pieces do? How do you fit it? All your questions answered here in this short video.

Setting up your home-based diagnostic test

Before you receive your overnight diagnostic sleep test, let’s run through what you need to do with it.

1. You’ll receive your testing kit from us

So, open it up and you’ll find everything you need inside. You’ll notice a few things we need to get attached. The first thing you’ll need is something we call a nasal cannula.

2. Fitting the nasal cannula

The two little prongs go up the entrance of the nostrils. Tuck the tubing behind your ears. They’re really soft, and don’t blow any air up your nose. They’re just there to measure your snoring. The little toggle comes up under your chin to keep it in place.

If you’re a restless sleeper, you can also tape it to your cheeks.

3. Attach the testing machine to your wrist

The next step is to strap the main device to your left wrist. You use the rubber straps to secure it to your wrist. Not too tight. And you can ask your spouse to help you tighten the straps so they are comfortable.

4. Attach the finger sensor

Once it’s on your left wrist, you put the finger sensor on one of your fingers on your left hand. Squeeze it gently on the sides and pop your finger in. It should sit comfortably. There’s a little icon to show you which side is up.

If you need to swap it to another finger during the night, go ahead, it’s not a problem.

5. Turn the device on

Turning the device on is easy. 

Push the black button once. The machine will automatically do a signal test, and check your pulse. All you need to do now is push and hold the black button for about 5 seconds and then you’ll see a little arrow travelling across the bottom of the screen. Your test has now started. All you need to do now is go get a good night’s sleep.

If you do not see the arrow it means that the test is not recording - keep holding the button until you see the arrow scroll across the bottom of the screen.

If you need to get up in the night to go to the bathroom, just leave everything attached if possible. You can just take it with you.

6. And the next morning…

In the morning, you don’t have to do anything to stop the recording. The machine does this automatically once you take the finger sensor off and the cannula out. All you need to do now is unplug, unstrap, pop it back in the bag and send it back to us.