Fit for Duty has selected Doctor2Go to offer online sleep apnea consultations for corporates. 

Establishing if your employees have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, is critical. Their health can be adversely affected if untreated, and the likelihood of a fatigue-related accident dramatically increases, putting them, their colleagues and the community at risk.

The move to digital healthcare delivery means a more straightforward process for us and our customers. Patients don’t have to try fit a consultation around changing availabilities. Fit for Duty can scale our operations without having to organise local nursing resources in each region. 

The service works like this; when the patient reaches the stage of treatment that would previously have required a visit from a nurse, they instead log into Fit for Duty Doctor2Go portal using their one-time access code. Doctor2Go’s medical team has been trained to provide this stage of the sleep apnea consultation, and they update the patient notes in Fit for Duty’s cloud-based patient management system for the Sleep Physiologist to review.

About Doctor2Go

Doctor2Go is the perfect solution for treating urgent but non-emergency medical conditions. With video consultations using broadband, Doctor2Go can treat an estimated 3 out of 4 of conditions currently treated by a traditional GP. Doctor2Go specialises in offering online corporate wellness solutions for companies who care about employee wellbeing.