The Fit for Duty Program has three simple steps:

Stage 1 - Let's get started

We start by providing a simple home-based overnight sleep test and health assessment. Our test is simple to set up, and measures the level of oxygen in the blood, nasal air flow & occurrence of obstructed breathing while sleeping. This will identify those who have a moderate to high profile of obstructive sleep apnea and would meet the criteria for a CPAP trial. Left untreated, these are the employees who present your immediate, and ongoing, risk to your business. Our process will quickly identify, and then provide a specific treatment plan for, the individual so that they arrive at work Fit for Duty. 

Stage 2 - What are the next steps for me?

Upon review of the sleep data by our Senior Sleep Physiologist we determine what the best pathway for each individual will be. For some, it will be assessed that there is a low risk for OSA. For others if there is evidence of moderate to high levels of obstructive sleep apnea, in most cases, we start a CPAP trial lasting approximately 4-6 weeks. (Please note, that in some instances further diagnostic sleep assessments may be required).

There are 3 treatment pathway outcomes depending on the Sleep Study and Assessment outcomes:

  1. Those identified as ‘no current indication of OSA’ - no further action, discharged from Fit for Duty Program with the recommendation to re-test annually. 
  2. Those identified as ‘meeting the criteria for a CPAP trial to treat OSA or other significant sleep disordered breathing’ - will be recommended the trial of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine for 4-6 weeks to establish tolerance, compliance and air pressure required for long term CPAP treatment. Our nurses will co-ordinate appointments with each individual to establish CPAP trial set up. Weekly communication with our Sleep Physiologist and FFD Program Manager is included in the CPAP trial stage. we now use CPAP with internal modem for remote compliance monitoring. Once the patient has established to long term CPAP treatment they will be registered for our monitoring & compliance program which will provide visibility and confidence that the employee is adhering to treatment.
  3. For those identified as having more complex sleep concerns it will be recommended that they seek further investigation from an appropriate Private or Public Sleep Clinic. The patients GP will be advised of the health network available. Patient is discharged from Fit for Duty Program.

Note:  There may be some individuals who do not tolerate or establish to the use of CPAP. It would then be required that they have a further consultation with a Sleep Physician to discuss concerns and alternative treatment options such as a mandibular advancement device (mouth guard) or ENT surgery. A letter will be sent to the individual, their GP and their Employer stating that they have been non-compliant/tolerant and have been referred for further consultation. If there is still no evidence of tolerance or compliance to treatment we are required to send a letter notifying of their discharge from the Program. If the individual is of significant risk the NZTA may need to be notified (by their GP or Sleep Professional) as a matter of safety concerns. 


Fit for Duty offers a Compliance & Monitoring Program for all individuals who go on to long term CPAP treatment. This Program includes a CPAP machine, by prescription, and supported by daily compliance monitoring which is reviewed by our Sleep Physiologist.

All patients receive personal advice and support from our clinical team.

Every endeavour is taken by our team to support individuals who participate in this program.

Those who engage our Fit for Duty Program will have on going support from us to ensure that the program becomes part of how you manage fatigue in your business.